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How do I add swim-lanes on the board?

In Swift-Kanban, ‘swim-lanes’ are conceptualized as ‘Smart Lanes’. These are intelligent swim-lanes that can be associated with various card attributes like Class Of Service, Priority, or even Team Members, etc.
Product Owners can enable smart lanes on the board to manage work having different workflows.

To enable Smart Lanes on your board:

1. Navigate to the Kanban Board of your project and click the Modify Process icon on the toolbar. In the Board Editor view, click the Smart Lane Settings icon.
2. In the Smart Lane Settings window, to enable the Smart Lane, click the Enable Smart Lanes button. You can define Smart Lanes in two ways:
a. Define Smart Lanes based on one of the following card attributes:- You can define Smart Lanes based on one of the many card attributes. Select one of the many attributes based on which you would like to generate Smart Lanes for e.g. Class of Service. This will generate one horizontal lane for each value of the Class Of Service attribute. You can change attributes, as long as there are no ‘live’ cards on the board.
b. Define Smart Lanes based on custom labels:- If you want to define Smart-Lanes in your own specific way, you can select this option and click Save to save the settings. This enables the Add icon on a default lane, using which you can add multiple horizontal Smart Lanes.
3. Click Save to save the settings. In the Board Editor view, you can continue to make more changes. For help on configuring the lanes, see Lanes.

As the cards move from one Smart Lane to another, indicating a change in attribute value, the values are also reset accordingly and vice-versa. To know more about Working with Smart Lanes, see

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