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How do I add Tasks into cards?

You can add tasks into cards from the Kanban board and also from the Detail view of a card for example, in the To-Do tab of a user story by navigating to Project > Cards > User Stories.
1. To add tasks/To-Do to a card from the Kanban Board, click the Tasks icon on the card.
Next, click the Add icon in the To-Do window. Double-click each attribute for the new To-Do to enter the details. By default, the Current State will be ‘Pending’, which you can update after you complete the task. You cannot change the default ‘Applicable Queue’ which displays the queue under which the task was created and remains valid for the queue.
Note: If you don’t see the Tasks icon on the cards or the Detail view, the administrator has not configured a To-Do section for the card type.
2. To add Tasks from the Backlog, navigate to the backlog, click the To-Do tab. Click the Add icon and enter the details as explained above.
Similarly, you can add To-Dos from the Detail view of a card type.

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