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How do I import cards I have in an Excel sheet into Swift-Kanban?

We suggest you to download the Excel template from Swift-Kanban to enable smooth importing of cards. You can copy the details from your file as required in the columns.

To import cards into Swift-Kanban:
1. In the list view of a card type, for example, Defect, click the Import icon on the toolbar and click the Download Import Template button.
2. Download the file on your system. To add new defects in the downloaded file, enter or copy the Card Title and other values from your Excel file, except in the “Read-Only” fields. Make sure you enter values in the mandatory fields and the values match the input settings defined for the attribute. Save the file.
3. Now, in Swift-Kanban, navigate to the list view of the required card type, in this example, the Defect. Click the Import icon. Browse and select the file and click Submit.

On successful import, the items are listed in the List. On failure in importing cards, appropriate reasons will be displayed. You can correct the values entered which need to be as per the attributes defined for the card type. For help on importing cards from Excel or a CSV file, see

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