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How can I manage work having different value streams on a Kanban Board? I want to move the cards freely on the board.

To manage work through different workflows, you can enable Smart Lanes based on your own classification. You can configure each lane as your value stream and then pull the cards on the board in the lane you want.
To configure Smart Lanes on the board based on ad-hoc classification:
1.Navigate to the Kanban Board of your project and click the Modify Process icon on the toolbar to go to the Board Editor view and click the Smart Lane Settings icon.
2.In the Smart Lane Settings window, to enable the Smart Lane, click the Enable Smart Lanes button.
3.Select Define Smart Lanes based on custom labels and click Save.
4.On the board designer, a lane is added. Click the Edit icon to rename the lane.
5.You can add more lanes by clicking the Add icon. Enter name, description and the WIP limit. Click Submit to save the lane properties. A lane will be created below the default lane.
6.You can create more lanes and configure them. Ensure that you save the changes for every lane. See Lanes for more help on configuring these lanes. The lanes will not be associated to any card attribute.

Once you have enabled Smart Lanes based on different groups, for example, Team A, Team B, and so on, you can pull or add cards on the board in the required lane. Smart Lanes enables you the move the cards across lanes freely.

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